Gary A. Cohen, D.D.S.
Gail J. Cohen, R.D.H.

Dr. Gary and Gail Cohen welcome you.  We are pleased that you have selected us to be part of your health care team.  We will do our best to be worthy of your trust.

Dr. Cohen's Credentials:

Gail is a Cum Laude graduate of Temple University School of Dental Hygiene with an emphasis on treating people with disabilities.  Her passion is in supporting people to feel better and eat healthier.  Her post graduate training includes Nutrition, Prevention, Periodontics, TMJ, Dentures and Dental Sleep Medicine.

Our philosophy is to focus on you and our mission is to support your health.  We strongly believe in prevention, home care and nutrition.  Recent studies show there is a connection between a clean mouth, what we eat, and the health of our entire body.

Realizing the current need for an alternative to CPAP therapy, we are now one of the few practices in Pennsylvania devoted exclusively to appliance therapy for snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ (jaw joint) disorders.  If you are grinding your teeth, have frequent ear or jaw pain, we can help.  If you experience daytime sleepiness or have been told you snore or have Sleep Apnea and are not able to tolerate the CPAP machine, we have solutions available.  For TMJ or Sleep Apnea contact us at or call 717-304-3400 for a free consultation.

We recommend the Oxyfresh dental home care system.  We have found these products to be the safest and most effective dental products available.  They will help keep your mouth healthy and your breath feeling fresh.

In addition, we confidently recommend Xocai Healthy Chocolate because of its powerful antioxidant benefits.  This is an easy and delicious way to get the nutrients we all need to keep our bodies, including our airways, joints and teeth functioning smoothly.  As you know, antioxidants reduce stress and inflammation and fight free radicals that have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and auto immune diseases.

Thank you for visiting with us.  Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions that you may have.

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